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Hi!  We’re Brandi and Shannon and we’re so happy you’ve found our website!  Consider this your new virtual hangout for all things fair trade and fashion-related! We love discovering new fair trade and ethical companies and sharing them with the world.  Like any good girl friend, we share our sources, deals, and finds so that you can jump in on the joy of shopping with a purpose.  Let us know of you hear of any companies, brands or artisan groups that you LOVE!

Advocating for artisans is at the heart of what we do, so we’ve teamed up with some amazingly talented artisans from all over the world to bring you one-of-a-kind finds!  Check out our shop where you can easily pick up some handcrafted treasures that make a huge difference.

Grab a cup of coffee (fair trade of course!) and join us as we discover ways to use our purchasing power for good!
Get to know us…

IMG_6579-correctedBrandi is a self professed product junkie, somewhat recovering shopaholic, and major hand and eye brow talker (and has the wrinkles to prove it). She is the mom of two and lives in the Raleigh/Durham area with her husband of over a decade and a half. Brandi prides herself on being a conscientious consumer, fair trade fashionista (which doesn’t even require getting out of her PUNJAMMIES(™) ), and a lover of coffee, chocolate and shoes. Brandi is passionate about educating consumers on using their purchasing power for good and as a very practical way to love their neighbor as themselves. In her spare time, Brandi is probably walking her dog, listening to a podcast, learning code to figure out this blogging stuff, or relaxing and enjoying her family.

 Shannon is a former engineer-turned-artisan-advocate who lives in Annapolis with her husband and 4 kiddos, including twins!  Her life changed in big ways in 2012 when she began working as an Ambassador for Noonday Collection, traveled to South Africa, met Brandi, AND overcame a scary cancer diagnosis.  That’s when things started getting REAL and she decided to live life with purpose and passion! Shannon is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie who loves flying and has since traveled to Guatemala, Rwanda, and Haiti.  Around Maryland, you can find her running, hiking, chasing after her kids, and shopping for all things handmade and unique!