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Zero-waste fashion: tonlé review


Hey fair trade fashion fans!!

First of all, WELCOME TO OUR NEW SHINY NEW BLOG!  We’ve been working hard to make this a pretty new space to chat about all things fair trade and fashion, and we are so happy you’re here!  It’s still a work in progress (we are definitely not “techy” so it’s a slow process)! You’ll continue to see new and exciting things added over the next few weeks, including a directory of our favorite fair trade and ethical brands & stores (just in time for your holiday shopping, yay)!  PLUS a new shop tab where we plan on “spotlighting” a collection of items for sale by artisan groups that are close to our heart!  Consider this a chance to virtually travel with us to far-off places and shop for unique market finds and support artisans at the same time!!  We are SO excited!

To kick off our new blog, we’re highlighting an awesome clothing company that you just HAVE to know about!  We pretty much love everything that we’ve purchased from tonlé so far and can’t wait to show it to you!



Confession: we don’t know much about the environmental impact of the clothing we purchase.  We have SO much to learn in this department and we look forward to diving more into this topic in the future.  Our motivation for supporting artisan-made goods has always been about the opportunity that it provides to lift vulnerable communities out of poverty.  We’re emphatic that all garment makers should be paid a fair wage and treated with dignity and respect.  However, there are other reasons to shop ethically-made products, including reducing the negative impact that clothing factories have on the environment.  We’re happy to report that tonlé is doing AMAZING work in all of these areas and we are so thrilled to support them!  Plus?  Their clothes are so cute!

Every piece is skillfully crafted in Cambodia.  From screen printing to weaving, each step in garment production is carefully planned to produce high quality, handcrafted clothing.  Even the notions (buttons, zippers, etc.) are locally sourced as much as possible.


tonlé has nearly perfected a zero-waste strategy in their clothing production.  What does this mean?  They utilize fabric remnants and scraps that are discarded by factories (destined for a landfill) AND they use creative pattern-making to utilize 100% of their materials.  They also take excess fabric strips and tediously hand cut and individually sew them back into yarn. The yarn is then knit and woven into new pieces!  Even the tags on the clothing are made from leftover fabric scraps and paper.  So, so amazing.

tonlezerowaste2 tonlezerowaste

So… what’s the end result?  Beautiful new clothing that we can feel good about purchasing!

The screen printing on the Keang tops are really fun and unique.


photos by Elizabeth Kahn

We LOVE the Sophear Dress in every color!  Long sleeves + pockets + silky smooth recycled rayon = the perfect Fall and Spring dress!


Also?  Can you look at these pics without humming the Law and Order theme song??  Because we can’t!


Oh the pockets!



A must-have piece for your Fall wardrobe?  Joggers!  The Lydia Trousers are my new favorite pants.  You’ll probably see me in these way too many days a week.  They’re so comfy I can’t stop smiling!


Today I wore them with my Root Collective flats… but they’re also really cute dressed up with strappy heels or with wedge boots.


It’s the little things that make us happy… like tags that share the name of the person who made our clothing!

IMG_9675  IMG_9677

We hope that you’ll show our friends over at tonlé some love and pick up some fun new clothes for the Fall! Happy shopping!!

In Style & Love, Shannon

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