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Our first Spotlight Collection!


You know that butterflies-in-your-tummy feeling you used to get on Christmas Eve?? We’ve got a little bit of that going on as we prepare to announce our first ever Spotlight Collection!!

Our vision is to use our space and our platform here on the blog to draw attention to some fair trade companies and artisan groups that are close to our heart! We plan on doing this by offering some limited-time, limited quantity collections of handmade items that you can easily purchase right here or through our instagram account!

Each collection may serve a different purpose and the possibilities are endless!…

We can help draw attention to and promote organizations that need a little boost.

We can help move extra inventory that a company needs to sell to keep their business sustainable.

Or maybe an artisan group needs some exposure and attention to give their business a kick-start!

We can also help with fundraisers for a cause or special project.

Whatever the purpose, we feel that we’ve been blessed beyond measure and we’re excited to use our resources, time, effort, and voices for GOOD! Β Know of a fair trade company or artisan group that would like to be involved? Β Send us a note at thegirls@thefairtradefashionistas.com and let’s collaborate!

So…. without further adieu, we’re excited to announce that our first Spotlight Collection will be available THIS WEEKEND!! The shipment of beautiful handmade goods is currently on it’s way from RWANDA and we’re sorta-kinda obsessively checking the tracking details every other minute!


For now, make sure you’re following us on Instagram (@thefairtradefashionistas) and mark your calendars and set your alarm for SUNDAY at 8pm EST so you don’t miss our big FLASH SALE!!


We anticipate (hope!!) that most of the items will sell quickly on Instagram that night, and then the rest you will be able to find here on the blog the next day.

So, stay tuned friends!! We can’t wait to tell you the story behind these pieces and give you the chance to pick up some beautifully-made items.
Just for fun, here’s a little sneak peek!


In Style & Love,
Brandi + Shannon

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